Tuesday, October 17, 2017

12 Months With Ruby!

I'm a little late in posting my last monthly post of Ruby! We were in birthday party mode for a while & then went out of town last weekend & have just been straight up busy. 😬 But now, I'm going to finally catch you all up on what's new with Ruby this past month!

Obviously Ruby turned ONE on October 5th! And I took her to her 12 month well check last Monday. Everything is going good with her. We're officially in the weaning process from breastmilk to cow's milk right now. Side note: How on earth did Ruby & I make it a year breastfeeding?! I'm still not sure how we did it, but we made it! 😂😅 Nursing is no joke, y'all.

Anywho, weaning is going well so far! And Ruby is loving all of the table food she is getting. We officially ditched all things baby food (other than we still do applesauce squeeze pouches sometimes & I have kept a jar of prunes around for those "just in case" moments #momlife 🙈). So far, Ruby loves cottage cheese, peanut butter, eggs (always!), any kid of meat, avocado/guacamole, banana pancakes & cheese! We sneak in fruits & veggies anywhere we can-- because well, she's my daughter & she's picky.

Ruby is SO close to walking, I can feel it. She's lifting her foot like she's about to take a step, but then she just decides to crawl instead. Andrew & I are eagerly awaiting for it to happen at any moment! Ruby also learned how to say "hey" & "baby" last month. I kind of think she may be saying "all done" too?? If not, it sounds SUPER similar like she's trying to say it. I'm also not sure if she's saying "hi" & "bye"-- again, also sounds super similar haha!

To finish, I thought I'd share with you all some pictures from Ruby's floral birthday party! She had the best time being the center of attention & eating her first bites of cake.. which she loved & ate too much of! 😏

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