Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Happy New Year!

It's hard to believe that 2018 is HERE! How did that happen?! So in honor of that, Happy New Year! 

I'm a little disappointed I can no longer say that I had Ruby "last year" because she was born in 2016 😢. She's growing up so fast & she's all over the place! She will be 15 months on Friday! Since I haven't updated you all in a while, I thought now would be a good time.

Christmas was fun with Ruby being a little older this year! We tried not to over do it because she's so little, she doesn't even care. And also because we don't want her to learn to expect so much. We got her a slide (that we got for a steal on Amazon because it was on sale & we had a gift card.. holla 💁). We also got her a book & a set of new sippy cups. Of course, we knew grandparents would get her stuff too, so she had a good Christmas! She already knows how to use her slide which amazes me-- especially because we don't have stairs at our house. I figured it might take her a while to realize how to use it, but she's dominating!

We celebrated the New Year as a family this year. It's so weird to go from always having a get together with people on New Year's Eve, to now barely make it to midnight 😜. Maybe we're old & lame (& definitely introverted) but I kind of enjoyed ringing in the New Year with just Andrew (obviously Ruby was asleep & had no clue she was even entering a new year!). Andrew & I also have a New Year's Eve tradition that we do. At the beginning of the year, we start dropping little notes to each other in a mason jar. Throughout the year, we will write fun things that happen, encouragement or just love notes to each other & then on New Year's Eve, we open them! It's seriously my favorite thing. We started the tradition the year we got married & I hope we never stop.

I don't really have any specific New Year's resolutions because I kind of think they're lame. You should always be bettering yourself, no matter what day of the year. I do, however, like to make goals-- but ones that are realistic. Last month to prepare my heart for Christmas, I participated in a Scripture writing challenge from Sweet Blessings & it was a great encouragement to me. I gain so much more from Scripture by writing it because that's honestly how I learn. Yesterday, I started a new Scripture writing challenge over the book of Proverbs dealing with Wisdom. I think I'm going to enjoy it! So maybe I'll do more of those this year! I guess my other goal during 2018 would be to just be here. Get off the phone & be present more. Because time is going by so fast & I want to remember these moments. I want to be a godly wife & mama & I can't really do that if I'm "too busy" looking at my phone. Not that I won't ever be on my phone, just aiming for less this year.

Thanks for following along! I hope 2018 is the best year yet for you!

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