I love working with companies, brands & passionate bloggers who have similar interests in lifestyle, pregnancy, motherhood, fashion, beauty or travel!

Blog Statistics: (updated March 1, 2017)
*All time page views: 59,306+
*Average page views per month: 2,104+
*Facebook Followers: 179+
*Facebook Friends: 581+
*Instagram Followers: 436+
*Twitter Followers: 183+
*Pinterest Followers: 161+

*Brand Ambassador
*Sponsored Posts
*Freelance Writing
*Product Review
*Social Media Promotions



  1. Do you use Adsense? I'm thinking of adding ads to my blog. Did you take heleneinbetween's course to learn how to built up your followers?

    1. Yeah I do! Now, have I made any money from it, no! haha. I know Helene makes money every month from it though! You have to make at least (I think) $10 from the ads to get paid by Google. It all depends on how many people click & BUY the product being advertised on your website.

      And yes, I have taken her "Quit your job to blog" & "Instagram for success" courses! She's so, so knowledgable. I recommend anything by her honestly.


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