I love working with companies, brands & passionate bloggers who have similar interests in lifestyle, motherhood, marriage or the like. This is a personal blog where I'm 100% honest with products, services or companies I work with. This blog may contain affiliate links throughout certain posts. Affiliate links may result in a small commission to me at absolutely no cost at all to you. They help keep this blog running & are only there for things I absolutely love & want to share with my readers. I accept payment via PayPal at which I will discuss with you at the moment of contact. I also accept product as some form of payment. I only work with brands that I genuinely love or am interested in & believe that my readers will be too. For more info on working with me, contact me at

Blog Statistics: (updated September 20, 2017)
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  1. Do you use Adsense? I'm thinking of adding ads to my blog. Did you take heleneinbetween's course to learn how to built up your followers?

    1. Yeah I do! Now, have I made any money from it, no! haha. I know Helene makes money every month from it though! You have to make at least (I think) $10 from the ads to get paid by Google. It all depends on how many people click & BUY the product being advertised on your website.

      And yes, I have taken her "Quit your job to blog" & "Instagram for success" courses! She's so, so knowledgable. I recommend anything by her honestly.


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